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March Word of the Month: Present

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I look forward to living with more intention, and simply practicing being PRESENT.

I’ve decided this year that rather than picking a word of the year, I’m going to pick a word of the month. Now, don’t get me wrong, I missed a couple months, but no better time to start than the present, right?

Unknowingly, I got a head start on March by going semi-unplugged the last two weekends. I’ve been focused on being more present, so it seemed like the perfect place to start my “Word of the Month 2020” journey… with the word PRESENT.

It feels cliché to talk about “being more present.” I feel like it means I need to practice my yoga poses and breathe deeply, but it really makes a difference. I find that when I unplug, I am unbelievably more productive. The last two weekends, my phone has stayed away from me and it just. Feels. Good.

Granted, it’s been easy to be unplugged because I’ve been running around and doing stuff, but it feels good nonetheless. We’ve been out and about doing fun stuff with friends – which usually means lots of pictures, but my husband is the camera man in our family, so having my phone accessible isn’t even a concern. It makes being present a lot easier.

Two weeks ago, we spent the weekend in Orlando with friends at Disney World. I haven’t been in such a long time that I had forgotten how magical it can be. Not only did I feel like a little kid, but by being present, I was able to enjoy how magical it was to my friend’s children who were with us.

This past weekend we were at a wedding, and then hanging with some of our great friends, and the whole time it didn’t even matter to me where my phone was. I was truly able to live in the moment, and be present. I was wonderfully reminded that the most fulfilling relationships are the ones that are happening right in front of me.

So, being present is one thing, but being unplugged feels like it goes hand in hand with that. It got me thinking about what some of the other benefits that being unplugged can provide.

After a little bit of reading, I found that some of the benefits are:

    • Getting Better Sleep
    • Enhanced Productivity
    • Increased Focus
    • Enjoying the Moment – No More FOMO
    • Improving Relationships
    • Better Conscious Decision Making
    • Saying Goodbye to Unhealthy Feelings

Who couldn’t afford to benefit from all of these things? I know I certainly do!

I’m not sure what “going unplugged” looks like in my everyday life, but feeling some of those benefits already with just a couple of weekends where my phone hasn’t at my fingertips has been awesome. I look forward to living with more intention, and simply practicing being PRESENT.

Do you ever practice going unplugged?

Do you make a conscious effort to be present?

Do you have a word of the year or the month?

I love learning new things from all of you!


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